The TOP 5 CHALLENGES Organizations Face Today Are:

1) Lack of Funds (2) Lack of Time (3) Good Employees (4) Balancing Growth & Quality (5) Ineffective Web Presence

Discover How We Can Help Your organization Overcome All 5 of These Challenges Within

90 Days

Our Founder, Shalita Shantae, has been a successful Entrepreneur for over 2 decades. shalita understands the importance of having valuable sets of eyes, minds, & talents involved with the growth of your business.

the millionaire portfolio group was established around the core principles that allow for business owners to obtain the freedom that allows us all to be build better lives, better families, better coummunities, & a better world for us all.

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Coach & Mentor:

Shalita Shantae

Founder of

The Millionaire Portfolio Group LLC


Shalita Shantae

Founder of

The Millionaire Portfolio Group LLC

Shalita entered the financial service industry in 2012 and has managed over thousands of portfolios across the United States where she is a licensed broker and Financial Advisor. Since her entrance she discovered how serving the business community would impact the daily lives of others.


As a Solution

Shalita created the Millionaire Portfolio, a diversified financial product, which assists clients with breaking through financial barriers and obtaining generational wealth. Her work has been featured in Yahoo News, ABC 27, Hair Show Magazine, Thrive Global & News Break. As a master networker, Shalita cultivated relationships and partnerships with financial institutions, organizations, educational centers, and prominent influencers to build a culture which later became The Millionaire Portfolio Group. Today, Shalita is actively involved in the expansion of MPG throughout the South Eastern States to help entrepreneurs and businesses bring to life the visions they have set for their lives.


Empowering Discussions you Should Be Having with Like Minded People

Our Business Members discuss things such as...

Execute #1 - how to locate & appeal directly to Decision makers and get Referred for the Opportunity vs compete for the Opportunity

Execute #2 - the art of the pre-sale & how to never feel that you have to sell yourself, your product or your service

Execute #3 - How to Advance your position with Business credit, Create a Systematic Sales System for better cashflow & tax techniques


several Large and Mid-size companies that were once small like yours, have taken advantage of MPG marketing, tech, systematic-systems and financial services


Law Office of Paul Kraser, PA

Excellent quality of marketing services to reach people with Student Loan Debt. Excellent professionalism, timeliness of projects and deliverables. Project completed within budget.

-Paul Kraser, Principal Attorney


Broward County Schools

Met with staff members to review their retirement portfolios and offer retirement products that are available from their company. Very professional & knowledgeable

-Ryan Atwood, Principal


Vanguard Inspection Services

Was a Pivotal component in providing Technical Advisory services to help our company reach & assist victims in FEMA nationally declared disasters.

-Dan Matzker, Manager

As well as small Business Beauty salons, Construction Companies and landscape business what they said below

But...MPG business member is not for anyone in business. This Member program is best for Organization leaders that have a desire to Develop a business system that will help them scale in financial revenue and work themselves into producing life changing results for the community

Also must ...

  • implement new business ideas and is able to follow simple road maps. Data shows that approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the 1st two years of being open and 45% during the first five years

  • take advantage of deeply discounted software programs that will assist in building a systematic business. Our research tells us that nine out of ten startups fail within the first two years due to burnouts and the burnout does not often, only relate to things not going well.

  • Value constructive criticism from their peers of other career professionals and business owners. Our research suggests that ineffective business strategies leads to stagnation, including lack of capital that facilitates expansion of your company.

if that sounds like you Then the mPG business membership program is the perfect solution for you

Stand Out in your community

WARNING: Space is limited and Territories fill up fast because this opportunity drastically shortens the learning curves and are significantly better than other business professional group that is charged thousands for...

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